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World’s heaviest man has surgery to shed half his weight

The world’s heaviest man, who once tipped the scales at nearly 1,300 pounds, has gone under the knife in a bid to drop half his weight.

Juan Pedro Franco, 33, underwent gastric bypass surgery on Tuesday after being mostly bed-ridden for the last seven years, according to Newsweek. He had to adhere to a strict diet over the last few months and shed 385 pounds for the surgery to be performed.

Franco, who is from Guadalajara, Mexico, will have to get his stomach size reduced in a second procedure scheduled for November.

“The surgery was quite successful. But now we have to wait and see how he responds to the [systemic] change. Let’s hope everything goes well,” Dr. Jose Castaneda told the Agence France-Presse.

Franco’s procedure comes nearly a week after Eman Abd El Aty, who is believed to be the world’s heaviest woman, was airlifted with a crane to get bariatric surgery in India. The 36-year-old from Egypt weighed about 1,102 pounds before her weight-loss procedure.


Sexual Behavior in Dutch and Belgian Children as Observed by Their Mothers


Mothers' observations (N = 670) of child sexual behavior have been collected using an adapted version of the Child Sexual Behavior Inventory as developed by Friedrich et al. (1991). The ages of the boys (N = 351) and girls (N = 319) observed range from 0 to 11 years. The results show that there is a lot of variance in the frequency with which specific sexual behaviors are observed. The occurrence of specific behaviors varies with age. While some behaviors are observed more frequently as the child gets older, others are observed less frequently. Boys and girls only differ in a few behaviors. The finding that the behavioral items form an internally consistent scale suggests that there is a general tendency to show sexually related behaviors, which is more or less strongly present in children, which might be a precursor of differential levels of sexual desires in adults.


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Revealed: 'Lolita' isn't just a classic novel; Nabokov's story of sick lust really happened

Vladimir Nabokov's novel is a totem in modern literature, an unflinching look at a monster who has been able to hide behind his education and manners. But it's also more than a classic of 20th century literature. Writer and editor Sarah Weinman has published a long, powerful piece of historical reportage about the largely unknown real story that inspired Nabokov's tale.

11-year-old Sally Horner entered a Camden, N.J., Woolworth's more than 60 years with the intention of stealing a 5-cent notepad. She was 11 years old and the thievery was her initiation into a girl's club. Instead, it would prove another, far more sinister initiation. "On the afternoon of June 13, 1948, she had no idea a simple act of shoplifting would destroy her life," Weinman writes in Hazlitt, an online magazine owned by Penguin Random House.

A middle-aged man wearing a suit and a fedora stopped Sally as she left the store. "I am an FBI agent," he told her. "And you are under arrest."

The man, Frank La Salle, was not a G-man. He was an ex-con and sometime mechanic. And a pedophile. He would kidnap Horner, telling her she had to accompany him to Atlantic City to avoid going to prison for shoplifting. Over the next year-plus they would cross the country, ending up in California. Throughout, he forced himself on her sexually while pretending to be her father. "That five-cent notebook didn't just alter Sally Horner's own life, though," Weinman writes. "It reverberated throughout the culture, and in the process, irrevocably changed the course of 20th-century literature."

Horner's tragic story hit the country's newspapers in 1950. Five years later, Nabokov's novel about charming Humbert Humbert and 12-year-old Dolores Haze (a.k.a., Lolita), his sexual obsession, began to arrive in bookstores. Nabokov, having had his manuscript rejected by multiple prosecution-fearful publishers, loathed being asked to explain "Lolita." Which was fine. Plenty of literary critics were willing to explain it for him, rightly or wrongly.

Elizabeth Janeway, reviewing the book for the New York Times in 1958, called it "one of the funniest and one of the saddest books" she'd ever read. The Atlantic magazine, also in 1958, wrote that "there is not a single obscene term in 'Lolita,' and aficionados of erotica are likely to find it a dud."

This was true enough as far it went. Aficionados of horror, however, would be enthralled. The language isn't obscene when compared to a pornographic text, but it certainly is when the reader remembers that the narrator is a middle-aged man mooning over a 12-year-old girl. Then Humbert's "gagged" discomfort as her "legs twitched a little as they lay across my live lap," will make you want to gag yourself. Writes Nabokov:

I stroked them; there she lolled on in the right-hand corner, almost asprawl, Lola, the bobby-soxer, devouring her immemorial fruit, singing through its juice, losing her slipper, rubbing the heel of her slipperless foot in its sloppy anklet...

On and on it goes, until Humbert Humbert sees himself -- just maybe, just for a moment -- as he really is, forcing him to let out "the last throb of the longest ecstasy man or monster had ever known."

"I want my learned readers to participate in the scene I am about to replay," Humbert tells his audience. And we do, such is the beauty and power of Nabokov's prose. We sink luxuriously into Humbert's perversity; we even -- dear God -- understand Humbert's lust, his need.

The New York Times' Janeway believed that was the point, "to underline the essential, inefficient, painstaking and pain-giving selfishness of all passion, all greed -- of all urges, whatever they may be, that insist on being satisfied without regard to the effect their satisfaction has upon the outside world. Humbert is all of us."

And so Frank La Salle, the real-life monster who defiled Sally Horner, must be all of us as well, even though he had none of the sophistication of his fictional alter ego. Nabokov saved newspaper clippings about the case, which he scribbled detailed notes on, but his debt to the defining experience in Horner's life -- and perhaps the defining experience in La Salle's life as well -- remains largely unknown to the reading public. A 2005 Times Literary Supplement essay pointed out that Horner's story "reads as a rough outline for the second part of 'Lolita.'" A biography of Nabokov mentions Horner in passing. But the real little girl has never really surfaced. Weinman isn't surprised:

"Packed as 'Lolita' is with countless other allusions, leitmotifs, and nested meanings, excavating a real-life case wasn't top priority for Nabokov scholars. Sally's plight was written up extensively in local newspapers at the time, but the New York Times never bothered, and eventually, even the hometown media (in Camden, N.J.) forgot about the case."

Maybe it's just as well. Lolita -- Dolores -- has a short-lived victory of sorts in the novel, escaping Humbert and thus sending her abuser into an emotional free-fall. They inevitably meet up again, and this time Dolores, though poor and pregnant, has the upper hand. "She is now an entirely different person," writes Janeway in the New York Times review, "a triumph for the vital force that has managed to make a life out of the rubble that Humbert's passion created, and the monster's mindless activity merely confirmed."

Horner never had an equivalent triumph. She would eventually break away from her abuser and be reunited with her family, but she had trouble adjusting. Weinman points out that decades before the Elizabeth Smart and Jaycee Dugard cases, there was little understanding of the mental state of kidnapped adolescents. Newspaper readers at the time surely wondered why Sally didn't escape earlier: after all, she even went to school during her time with La Salle. "Whatever Sally has done I can forgive her," Horner's mother apparently told a UPI reporter.

Weinman expertly lays out Horner's reentry into "normal" life. Sally had to officially state that La Salle was not her father, which he insisted he was. "My real daddy died when I was six and I remember what he looks like. I never saw this man before that day at the dime store," she said. La Salle was convicted and sent back to prison, but ultimately this did not mean much to Sally Horner. She had been irrevocably damaged. She would come to a tragic end not long after La Salle's conviction -- until being reborn, just a couple of years later, in Nabokov's novel. Ever since she has been a "girl immortalized, and forever trapped," by Nabokov's brilliance -- and her own bad luck.


You probably have to look at imagery of death and dying regularly to stay focused on what really counts in life: great sex before you are gone anyway.


Hitler Was A Coprophile (He Liked To Be Pooped On)

Oh, Hitler — that weird, eccentric, horrible person — was quite the character. If news isn't coming in about his micropenis (it's true, Google it!), then you better believe there is news coming in about his affection for poop. That's right. According to some dirt dug up by the U.S. Office of Strategic Services, Addie Hitler enjoyed a side of feces with his fornication. While this pastime pales in comparison to the atrocities he committed in his horrible excuse of a lifetime, it's fascinating to learn that a man so effortlessly despicable enjoyed spending his off-time as a human toilet. Keep reading to find out more about this monster's dirty little secrets.

One strange dude. If Hitler wasn't already twisted enough, his poop fetish certainly helps his cause. According to a document from the U.S. Office of Strategic Services (an older version of the CIA), Adolf Hitler got his rocks off by having women "unload" on him. Some people feel relief by use the bathroom and some people feel relief when people use the bathroom on them. Hitler was one of those people.

A crappy fetish. The fetish that involves sexual pleasure derived from fecal matter is called coprophilia — and Hitler's certainly not the only human to engage in it. Many people have fetishes, and as long as they're not hurting anybody, it's totally cool. The fact, however, that Hitler was hurting people just opens the doors to humiliation — something he was severely not fond of, at least not as the leader of the Nazi party.

The horniness of Hitler. Hitler didn't get turned on easily. According to Walter C. Langer, who wrote the book, "A Psychological Analysis of Adolph Hitler, His Life and Legend," Hitler had difficult time becoming aroused, and employed a handful of peculiar practices to help him get his rocks off. If poop wasn't involved, he couldn't get himself going. He also enjoyed it when women kicked him furiously. Poop, violence and sex — it's basically Hitler in a nutshell.

A fecal fetish. Nowadays, fetishes are, more or less, commonly accepted. No one's going to get torn apart, so to speak, for enjoying something that doesn't fit the bill for "normal." Back in the day, however, Hitler's fascinations just made it easier for people to label him a lunatic. Langer wrote, "The practice of this perversion represents the lowest depths of degradation."

Hitler, the pervert. Hitler didn't just engage in sex with his mistress, Eva Braun, but he also had sexual experiences with a number of other unfortunate women. He allegedly slept with Renate Müller, a German actress who got him hot by beating and kicking him, as well as his own niece, who was forced to defecate on him. You have to hand it to him — even after his death, Hitler never ceases to prove how awful he was.

A tough spill to swallow. If you were already turned off by the fact that he enjoyed people pooping on him, prepare to be taken a step further. Hitler also enjoyed the taste of poop. He had reportedly forced his niece, Geli Raubal, to defecate into his mouth. Shortly after their session together, Raubal killed herself.

The difference in distaste. Mozart was allegedly also a coprophile, but his situation doesn't hold quite as much weight. Mozart made beautiful music; he wasn't the cause of mass genocide. "The Marriage of Figaro" gives Mozart a pass with just about anything.


Smyrna, Delaware: Ex-pastor gets 9 years for sexual misconduct

MUNCIE, Ind. – The now-former pastor at a Yorktown church on Thursday was sentenced to nine years in prison for having a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old member of his congregation.

Full article


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Sexual enhancement products confiscated

Wewak Urban LLG acting manageress, Winnie Sagiu, confirmed confiscation of these enhancement products at Tang Mow Department Store.

Sagiu, in an official letter to the store management, police and local and provincial government hierarchy,confirmed the confiscation of six of these illegal products, which are now placed in the care in the care of Customs PNG.

She stated that the products are to stimulate the male sex organs during sexual intercourse.

Sagiu, who is also a Health Extension Officer, said the products increase the risk of getting sexual transmitted infections due to having multiple partners.

The store manager were tight lipped when questioned by authorities.

The store manager said the products were bought from the street sellers and sold in their shop.


As a man, instead of lamenting the Islamization of Europe, put yourself in the camp of the victors. Any man can become a Muslim by just uttering the Shahada. A matter of 5 minutes.


Are you after a 'designer vagina'? After reading this definitive guide on the procedures and risks you may change your mind

Cosmetic surgery has become fairly commonplace, but perhaps surprisingly, an increasing number of women are seeking perfection to their intimate area.

Although so-called 'designer vaginas' are often blamed on pornography, some women claim they are unable to enjoy sex since having children, fueling their desire to have the risky procedures.

Yet, Dr Gabrielle Downey, gynaecologist at Birmingham City Hospital, warns these procedures are not available on the NHS and can be expensive, therefore women should be aware of what's involved before making the drastic decision.

Importantly, Dr Downey stresses the importance of ensuring your chosen clinic is safe and your surgeon informs you of all the potential risks.

Here, in a piece for Healthista, she explains your options and what to expect.


Feminism, by creating artificial scarcity of sexual resources, is responsible for much of the deadly infighting among men, as well as male suicides.


'I am open for everything': 19-year-old offers her 'virginity for sale' with $250k price tag in classifieds advert

The woman, who was described in the advert as 161cm, 44 kilos with an athletic body, appeared to have posted to classifieds site Locanto on Thursday and titled her advert 'Virgin seeks you, Sydney City' .

'Hey, I am a 19 years old girl who wants to sell her virginity,' [sic] the advert stated, before listing a series of conditions for the sale.

'We have to go to a restaurant, so we can go out for a dinner and we can meet,' it continued.

'It will happen in an hotel which you can choose. If I don't want to do this, I can rescind from the deal,' it went on.

The advert stated that 'we have to use a condom' and warned any potential buyer: 'You have to pay a prepayment, about which we can talk about.'

It was also clear there were to be 'no sex toys' and 'no violence'.

'It is not allowed to make a film of it or film the act,' it continued.

The advert ended by stating the price the woman was apparently willing to consider.

'The price is $250.000,00/250k. Send me your questions and offer. I am open for everything,' it stated.

The teen wouldn't be the first to offer her virginity to paying customers.

Last month, a German teenager put her virginity up for auction through a sinister website that boasts of having doctors who can verify the girls have not had sex.

The 18-year-old, Kim, decided to sell her body through the agency Cinderella Escorts to fund her studies, a flat and a car.

Bidding for the 5ft 8in student started at £86,640 (100,000 Euro), of which 20 percent would go to the agency, local media reported.


This site teaches an understanding of reality. Reality is brutal. Death is often brutal. And if death isn't brutal for the way it happens, then it is still brutal as a fact of life. We are all goners.


Adventures in the Orgasmatron: Wilhelm Reich and the Invention of Sex by Christopher Turner: review

Wilhelm Reich, a former pupil of Freud’s who arrived 30 years later, is another story. On the outbreak of war, he was interned as a suspected communist, and his FBI file runs to 789 pages. In the Fifties his books were burnt – as they had been in Thirties Germany – and he was sent to prison, where he died of a heart attack in 1957. The reason for this persecution, as Christopher Turner explains in this definitive biography, is that while Freud came to view sexual repression as inherent to the human condition, Reich regarded it as the great evil, and thus became the father of the “sexual revolution”.

In The Function of the Orgasm (1927) he argued that the orgasm was, as Turner puts it in a thumping tautology, “the panacea to cure all ills”. The only thing wrong with neurotics, he wrote, is “the lack of full and repeated sexual satisfaction” (his italics). He subsequently discovered “orgone energy”, a mysterious orgasmic force that apparently circulates in the atmosphere, and invented the “orgone energy accumulator”, a wooden cupboard lined with metal, which he claimed could cure, besides impotence and frigidity, such illnesses as cancer and radiation poisoning.

The authorities sensibly denied him a patent, and Einstein, whom he approached at Princeton, dismissed the orgone accumulator as completely unscientific. James Baldwin was similarly sceptical: “The people I had been raised among had orgasms all the time, and still chopped each other with razors on Saturday nights.”

But Norman Mailer, Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs, JD Salinger, Saul Bellow and even Sean Connery became fans of the orgone box, and it entered popular culture. In Roger Vadim’s film Barbarella (1968), the evil scientist Durand-Durand, who bears a passing resemblance to Reich, uses a form of orgone accumulator to try to kill Barbarella with pleasure, and in Woody Allen’s Sleeper (1973) it features as the Orgasmatron.

Reich was born in 1897, in what is now Ukraine, to a landed family subsequently dispossessed by Bolsheviks. None the less, “Willie” became an ardent communist, and remained one until the Soviet invasion of Finland. In Vienna, he became Freud’s most promising pupil, until they fell out and he moved to Berlin, where in 1931 he synthesised the doctrines of Marx and Freud and founded the German Association for Proletarian Sexual Politics (“Sex-Pol”), which soon had 40,000 members.

Two years later, he left Berlin, after Nazi stormtroopers raided his apartment and stole a book of erotic Japanese woodcuts and a copy of the Kama Sutra, and in 1934 he fled Vienna for Denmark, then Sweden, Norway and, finally, the United States.

Reich emerges from this book as a figure at once charismatic, sinister, comic and, as the shrinks say, profoundly conflicted – brilliant but mad. Compared with his hipster disciples, he was irredeemably square, with a puritanical disapproval of pornography and homosexuality.

Spectacularly promiscuous himself – “a sexual scoundrel in the bourgeois sense” – Reich was fiercely jealous of his wives and mistresses. He was a shocking bully to his patients and family, a nasty drunk, bi-polar and borderline schizophrenic. “Am I a spaceman?” he wrote in his journal the year before his death. “Do I belong to a new race on earth, bred by men from outer space in embraces with earth women?”

Turner has done an exhaustively thorough, if somewhat humourless job. He makes some interesting points about Reich’s unwitting influence on the arts (“The sex instinct will be eradicated,” declares a government spokesman in Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, “…We shall abolish the orgasm”), and about the way advertising absorbed erotic liberation into what Eli Zaretsky called “a sexualised dreamworld of mass consumption”.

But Turner never quite answers the question with which he begins: “What does it tell us about the ironies of the sexual revolution that the symbol of liberation was a box?” And he misquotes Philip Larkin.


It is only a question of time until butea superba will be outlawed in the Western World. In some people, it can cause hypersexualization that can last for weeks. And it can easily be added to food to improve taste. Imagine a Thai restaurant breeding hundreds of super horney women prowling for any man they can get, and that for weeks on end


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